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NCIC Database

The National Center for Interstate Compacts Database tracks interstate compacts which have been enacted by U.S. states and territories, Washington D.C., and Canadian provinces. The database includes compact membership and years of joinder, examples of compact legislation, and links to further information. Four different search functions are included in the database: compact names, compact members, keywords, and policy categories.

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Compact data has been collected from official government sources, including compact commissions. Nearly all the compacts in the database are considered active, with the exception for compacts which have yet to hit their activation threshold. Official years of joinder may vary from the enactment date of compact legislation.

The database does not contain any interstate compacts which have been repealed. In some cases, the examples of compact legislation included in the database may not be considered to be the official model compact language. Individuals interested in enacting an interstate compact in their state should reach out to the organization(s) associated with the specific compact for assistance.

The information contained in this database is subject to change. We work to keep the most updated and accurate information possible but, if you are aware of any needed changes, please reach out to us. We also welcome any suggestions on how to further improve the functionality and usability. Questions and suggestions may be directed to [email protected].