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Recording of the Social Work Compact Kickoff Meeting

May 25, 2021: The Council of State Governments hosted a kickoff meeting to launch the social work interstate compact project.

Through funding from the Department of Defense, The Council of State Governments (CSG) is partnering with the Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB), Clinical Social Work Association (CSWA), and National Association of Social Workers (NASW) to develop an interstate compact for licensure portability. Recognizing both the importance and complexity of social work licensure, CSG gathered a team of leaders and experts from the social work industry to discuss the background and importance of this project. State leaders, subject matter experts and members of the profession enjoyed a robust conversation on the future of licensure and mobility. Please click the link below to access the recording.

3 thoughts on “Recording of the Social Work Compact Kickoff Meeting”

  1. Caprice D. Nesbit-Turane, LMSW

    Unfortunately, I was one of those who had difficulty logging on and was unable to be a part of this live discussion . I was very disappointed , because I made my time to be available. However, it brought me great pleasure to open my email this morning to find a video recording of this event. Thank you.

  2. Thank you for this. There are other questions as well. What about the LMSW licensures, are they able to be reciprocity status as well. What about another grandfathering of the LCSW licensures which now is a perfect time for this move. In Delaware they have the LMSW licensure has been given the grandfather status. Overall the grandfather process needs be reviewed.

  3. Alissa Mallow, DSW, LCSW-R (NY)

    Compact licensing is extremely important. Please remember, there are social workers who did not take an ASWB exam as States either had their own licensing examination and/or ASWB had yet to come into existence. This means that we do not have ASWB scores and have been virtually ‘shut out’ of transferability to other States. Ensuring individuals in this situation are included is important in terms of this licensing.
    Thank you.

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